Do you already sell to Tube Fitters, Pipe Fitters, Manufacturing Plants, Hospitals, Gas Companies, Aerospace or others who work with pressurized gas?


We are looking for established chemical sales people or distributors to rep Leak Tracy in both the U.S. and Canada. This is a great high-margin add-on sale for you.


Please email with your contact information.


Where to Find Us:

CamCon Chemical
261 Clarkson Executive Park

Ellisville, MO 63011
Phone: 314-567-7977


What's New

CamCon Chemical is the proud manufacturer of Leak Tracy, the best pressurized gas leak detecting liquid on earth!  And the only one that EXCEEDS MIL-SPEC criteria and willing to put that on the label!!


We are also the #1 supplier of copper clad boards (dry film resist and plain) as well as the etching chemicals needed to make prototype circuit boards.  We also sell Kepro equipment parts and DuPont dry film.