What's New

CamCon Chemical is now supplying the products formerly offered by Kepro Circuit Systems and DalPro.

Please revise your files and databases to refer Kepro requirements to CamCon Chemical.  Catalog numbers are the same.

Following is our corporate data for your files and
reference. Please feel free to copy/printout this page for your files.


CamCon Chemical:  314-567-7977

Business hours

We are now open from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (Central Time)

Where to Find Us:

CamCon Chemical
17585 Garden Ridge Circle

Wildwood, MO 63038

Phone: 314-914-1925


What's New

CamCon Chemical is the proud manufacturer of Leak Tracy, the best pressurized gas leak detecting liquid on earth!  And the only one that EXCEEDS MIL-SPEC criteria and willing to put that on the label!!


We are also the #1 supplier of copper clad boards (dry film resist and plain) as well as the etching chemicals needed to make prototype circuit boards.  We also sell Kepro equipment parts and DuPont dry film.