Apply Leak Tracy to any pressurized gas connection to test the seams, joints and connection points for leaks. Squirt on Leak Tracy and if you see bubbles, you now know the Leak Point.
The bubbles are designed to grow and last, giving positive leak detection.

Leak Tracy formulations are designed to meet general and specific applications. Leak Tracy is rated Mil-Spec, which means it meets the U.S. Military standards. 

Leak Tracy options:

LT-77: For general purpose, suited for applications down to  freezing.    


NOTE: LT-77 is now formulated to meet Oxygen requirements.   As of 4/1/21 all labels will be Orange as we phase out Red labels and Green labels  

LT-102: For Oxygen Systems or to meet MIL Specification MIL-PRF-25567  (Temperature Range 32 F to 160 F only)       (after 4/1/21  LT-77 will meet these standards)                                            


 Leak Tracy has a product to work practically everywhere! Nuclear installations, hospital oxygen networks, food processing systems and other critical applications.

 It is also used for non-pressurized tanks and piping systems, by injecting low pressure air or inert gas to check welds and flanges for leaks before commissioning.

 Leak-Tracy will not stress Stainless Steel or PVC/Plastic piping systems.

 Our product will not cause corrosion or leave problematic residue. It is non-toxic and is in compliance with professional and commercial specifications High-Tech leak detecting applications.

 The Pull Out "Squirt Spout" lets you get to hard to reach places and accurately apply Leak Tracy as needed.


  • 8 oz. Squirt Bottles (48 per case)
  • 1 Gal. Plastic Bottles (4 per case)








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What's New

CamCon Chemical is the proud manufacturer of Leak Tracy, the best pressurized gas leak detecting liquid on earth!  And the only one that EXCEEDS MIL-SPEC criteria and willing to put that on the label!!


We are also the #1 supplier of copper clad boards (dry film resist and plain) as well as the etching chemicals needed to make prototype circuit boards.  We also sell Kepro equipment parts and DuPont dry film.